Wall Planner


Show statistics or create a timeline using Oki's Banner paper.

Banners can be created easily within Template manager but you can also print your timeline from common programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Setting up the page

1. From within Excel File-Page Setup- Select Landscape then-Options

2. From the Setup tab in the media section use the Size drop down menu and select User Defined

3. You can now enter specific values for the size of paper on which you are printing. A4 Banner paper has the following values: Width 210mm and length 900mm.

4. Select Ok then Ok again.

Now, when previwing your spreadsheet you will be able to view how the banner will appear when printed. Go to File-Print Preview

To print your banner:

5. Go to File-Print-Ok Providing that you haven't changed any print settings in your driver you will not need to change any settings here. If you are unsure then go to File-Print-Select C7350-Properties-then follow steps 2-4 as above.

At the printer:

Your C7350 will now display a message asking for you to load the correct media into the multipurpose tray.

When you load the media (Banner paper) the printer will sense this and feedl the end of the banner paper through to secure it. Simply press Online on the printer and the Banner sheet will feed through.