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How do I replace the image drum unit?


If you have dirty print-outs then the image drum may have accumulated toner on it. Press the Select Function key, then the 10/Printer Cleaning One Touch key and the YES key. Your fax machine prints a cleaning page to clean the image drum. Repeat this procedure several times and then check again if you still have dirty print-outs. If this procedure does not solve the problem, your fax machine needs a new image drum unit. Contact your supplier to order one. If the faxes you receive are light or have vertical streaks in them and you are not out of toner, or if your fax machine displays a REPLACE DRUM CART. message, your fax machine needs a new image drum unit. The life of an image drum depends on a number of factors, including temperature and humidity, the type of paper you use, and the number of pages per job. Contact your supplier to order one.

Caution! Never expose the image drum unit to light for more than 5 minutes. Never expose the image drum unit to direct sunlight. Always hold the image drum unit by the ends. Never touch the surface of the green drum inside the drum unit.

Warning! If you open the top cover, you will see a label that reads CAUTION-HOT. This area is extremely hot and must not be touched under any circumstances.

1. Lift the top cover and swing it out of the way.

2. Grasp the control panel. Pull upward and toward you until it releases. Swing the control panel out of the way.

3. Remove the old image drum unit (with its toner cartridge), wrap it in the packaging materials from your new image drum unit and throw it away.

4. Carefully remove the protective sheet from your new image drum unit.

5. Insert the new image drum unit into your fax machine ensuring that the tabs on both sides of the image drum are inserted correctly as shown. Then press down firmly on both ends of the image drum until it snaps into place.

6. Install a new toner cartridge, close the top cover and close the control panel. See "How do I replace the Toner Cartridge?"

7. Wait until the time and answering mode appear on the display. Then press the Select Function key.

8. Press the 7/Counter Display One Touch key. The display shows DRUM COUNT CLEAR (<) NEXT(>).

9. Press the YES key to clear the image drum unit counter.

10. Press the Select Function key to finish.

Caution! Please abide by the disposal laws of your country when disposing of used image drums. Contact your supplier for further advice on how to dispose of your used image drum.

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