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How do I reset the drum counter?


After replacing the image drum (see Knowledgebase Article "How do I replace the image drum"), reset the drum counter to keep a correct count of the number of pages printed on the image drum.

B4100, B4200, B4250

1. Start the Status Monitor for the printer.

2. Click on Printer Setup tab - Printer Menu button - Maintenance 1 tab.

3. Click the [Reset] button next to Drum Counter, then click on the [OK] button to reset the drum counter.

B4300, B4300N, B4300NPS, B4350

1. Press the Online button to return the printer to offline status.

2. Press the Menu button repeatedly until MAINTENANCE MENU is displayed, then press the Select button.

3. Press the Item button until DRUM COUNT RESET is displayed.

4. Press the Select button and the Drum Counter is reset.

5. Return the printer on line by pressing the Online button.

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